Baker's House

Located in the southern sector of the site, the one known as Casa del Panadero responds to the model of a Roman domus

Excavated in the campaigns carried out between 2015 and 2017, it constitutes the first Roman domestic unit completely documented at the site

Its large area, almost 700 meters, is located between two streets that delimit it to the South, West and East, which is where the access to the home is located. As in other similar buildings, its main rooms are distributed around the porticoed patio, highlighting as the most significant element a large oven for making bread, hence the name by which it is known. The chronology of the domus focuses on the 1st – 2nd centuries AD and has undergone several renovations.

Aerial view of the Casa del Panadero.

Atrium and rooms of the domus.

The Roman domus

Domus is the Latin word with which a type of Roman house is known. The domus were the homes of families of a certain economic level, whose head of the family (paterfamilias) bore the title of dominus. In general, the domus tends to be confused with the standard model of a Roman house; However, a large percentage of the population lived in a much less sophisticated type of housing that was often made with weaker and more perishable materials, which has meant that not many samples survive to this day

The measurements of a large domus could reach 120 meters long by 30 meters wide, with the most common thing being that they had a single floor. Its most characteristic element was the atrium ( atrium ) or covered patio with a central opening (the compluvium ) through which rainwater entered and was collected in a cistern known as impluvium . The rest of the main rooms of the house (the the tablinum that served as an office and archive, the triclinium or dining room cubicles or bedrooms) revolved around this space where the lararium was also located. or altar where the funerary masks of the ancestors were preserved and offerings were made to the gods who protected the home

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The Baker's House

Large in size, this domus combined private use with public use by having attached one of the ovens that would supply bread to the inhabitants of the ancient city of Torreparedones.