Meeting places

The most charming squares

Inheritors of the ancient Roman forums


Although they exist both in the old part and in the Ensanche area, the first ones have a special charm since they are generally surrounded by emblematic buildings or are the nerve center of traditional Baen celebrations such as Holy Week.

Markets, bullfighting arenas and even the scene of great tragedies

Throughout history, these singular spaces on which the life of the population has been structured, have been emerging according to their demographic growth and based on the new needs that were emerging. In this way, the Plaza de Palacio , in the very heart of the Almedina neighbourhood, was originally the albarcar or space within the walls where cattle were sheltered in case of siege. Later it was used to celebrate the market known as de Arriba and today it is a place for festive celebrations that, at dusk, invites you to recreate yourself on one of its benches contemplating the sunsets in the distance of the Baena countryside.

Not far away, in the administrative center of the city, is the Plaza de la Constitución, originally known as El Coso for bullfights, and popularly known locally as El Paseo. In addition to the modern Town Hall building, here is the Baroque-style Casa del Monte, with its characteristic arcades where you can enjoy the traditional cuisine of the area served by the restaurant that is located inside.

A little further down is the Plaza de Amador de los Ríos ,with the monument of what has undoubtedly been the most renowned Baenense and following the street of the same name that begins there, we will eventually arrive at the Plaza de Francisco Valverde y Perales , or Old Square ,dedicated to the author of the History of the Villa de Baena. The Plaza de España, with the fountain and monument of Viceroy del Pino, makes the transition between the old and the new city, where there are also large open spaces such as the Paseo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán, next to the Guadalupe church, where it is possible to have a snack on the terraces installed there or simply enjoy the pleasant views that can be seen from any of them.

The Plaza de Palacio, with its more than 6,000 square meters, opens up spaciously between the castle and the conventual church of Madre de Dios. It was the old albacar from the Muslim period and from it you can see magnificent views of Baena and its surroundings.
The special morphology of the Amador de los Ríos square does not allow the congregation of numerous people, but it is worth stopping in it to contemplate the interesting buildings that surround it and the monument to the Baenense polygraph that gives it its name.