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Although only the Cueva del Yeso requires a mandatory reservation, for greater comfort in the visit you can reserve access to the different resources offered through the contact telephone number. If you prefer, you can use the form that you will find at the bottom of this page, filling in all its fields. The schedules, observations and particularities of the different tourist resources of Baena and Albendín district can be found in the “What to visit” section of this same page.


Crtra. A-3125, TK. 18

On a remarkable elevation overlooking the countryside of Jaén and Córdoba, is one of the most interesting archaeological sites in Andalusia. Torreparedones is, without a doubt, a benchmark for those who wish to discover the traces of ancient civilizations.

Bookings:  (+34) 606704354

Baena castle

Palace Square, 4

A visit to the castle of Baena will take you back to a time of betrayals and battles, of impossible love affairs and unique feats. Her long history is still there, hidden among the remains of her glorious past, waiting for the arrival of whoever wishes to find her.

Bookings:  (+34) 606704354

Historic museum

C/ Santo Domingo Henares, 5

It is located in the Casa de la Tercia, a superb baroque building where today one of the most important collections of Roman statuary in the country can be admired. The Iberian zoomorphic figures, the hundreds of ex-votos, ceramics and coins are a great incentive for your visit.

Bookings:  (+34) 606704354

Olive Grove and Oil Museum

C/ Cañada, 7

The culture of the olive grove is intrinsically linked to Baena and in this Museum, located in a historic mill, you will also be able to learn about the development of this crop, the production systems and the characteristics that distinguish one of the most famous oils in the world.

Bookings:  (+34) 606704354

Plaster cave

Crtra. A-3125, Km 17

One of the most relevant natural monuments in Andalusia is the Cueva del Yeso de Baena. Inside there are several lakes and gypsum formations of great beauty, its fauna being of special interest with several unique species in the world.

Bookings:  (+34) 606704354

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