Outdoor activities

In full contact with nature

A different way of sightseeing

Baena offers multiple possibilities in full contact with nature

By cycling through the Vía Verde, rowing in the Guadajoz, fishing in the Vadomojón reservoir or walking the Mozarabic Way of Santiago, the town and its surroundings can be discovered in an original way in what would be a unique experience.

Different options for the most intrepid travelers

Few places in the province of Córdoba offer the possibility of getting to know them while practicing active tourism or, simply, allowing you to enjoy a stay while activities are carried out in the middle of nature. Baena is one of them and, perhaps because of this circumstance, the IES “Luis Carrillo de Sotomayor”, one of the local secondary schools, teaches the cycles of Technician in Conducting Physical and Sports Activities in the Natural Environment and Superior Technician in Animation of Physical and Sports Activities.

The commissioning of the Vadomojón reservoir , next to the Albendín district, expanded an offer where the possibility of kayaking across the Guadajoz River had even been explored . From that moment on, new options arose such as sport fishing, which attracts visitors from all over Andalusia, with many also using the jetty installed there to moor small recreational boats in which to take a walk at sunset and even practice water skiing in the case of the most intrepid.

On the other hand, the Vía Verde del Guadajoz , allows you to take tours on foot or by bicycle, as well as the Mozarabic Way of Santiago , a true melting pot of history, art and nature.

A pilgrim completes the Mozarabic Way of Santiago in the middle of a landscape of olive groves and with the town of Baena in the background.
The Vadomojón reservoir, very close to the Albendín district, allows for multiple water sports.

Baena, crossroads of the Mozarabic Way of Santiago

Those who begin their journey in Almería or those who depart from Malaga and Granada come together in a unique landscape where the sea of ​​olive groves that is offered to the eye after crossing the last foothills of the Sierras Subbéticas Cordoba, indicates that they have reached Baena, historical capital of extra virgin olive oil (AOVE) where the route of the Mozarabic Way is unified to continue towards Santiago de Compostela.

The Vadomojón reservoir, a sea between olive trees

Very close to the Bahía district of Albendín is the dam of one of the most recent hydraulic infrastructures built in Andalusia: the Vadomojón reservoir. With a capacity of 163 hm³ and 782 ha. of a floodable basin between the provinces of Córdoba and Jaén, it is one of the most important in the Guadalquivir basin and its calm waters invite you to enjoy the sunsets or to get to know the area in a different way.