The most genuine Baenense tradition

A celebration in the process of being declared of International Tourist Interest

The sound of thousands of drums is its main characteristic

Holy Week in Baena is one of the most unique Spanish traditions and its characteristic drumbeat is considered Intangible Heritage by UNESCO. An explosion of sound that is accompanied by a unique chromatic vivacity reflected in the striking uniform of the “white-tailed” and “black-tailed” Jews.

An entire experience that will make you vibrate to the sound of the drums

Baena, like the rest of Christianity, commemorates the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ every year and will do so during Lent and Holy Week in a peculiar way, the same that gives it a unique character. As if it were an immense staging, the thousands of brothers who will fill the streets of the city during these days will recreate some of the most crucial moments in Sacred History, being the figure of the “Jew” the one that will stand out above all , giving this tradition its own stamp that will make it stand out from other similar ones.

Getting to know Holy Week in Baena will allow you to delve into the deepest anthropological values ​​of a town that, over the centuries, has been manifesting its popular religiosity in a way that will not leave you indifferent.